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Brought to you by your awesome Leadership Team - Love SoothingEva

Welcome to our 819 sHB guide for LSS where we give tips and tricks to make the game more fun!!!

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Eden Dissidia Season 5

For this new upcoming season we will have Eden Dissidia (the same as our first Eden) but with a few new features. The major new feature...

X-Eden: Expansion Guide

In the new season of Eden named X-Eden: Expansion, we come back to the same structure as Eden Dissidia with a few minor changes. The map...

Eden S2; Map 46

Level 1 (Blue) = 128 Level 2 (Green) = 72 Level 4 (Red) = 56 Level 6 (Grey) = 12 Strongholds (Pink) = 34 => 128*15 + 72*20 + 56*50 +...

Eden: North vs South Tips

Factions!!! One of the main differences in Eden: North vs South Faction is the fact that alliances can only merge with other alliances...

Eden Map

Full Eden map NOTE: I manually stitched this map together from screenshots, so accuracy is not 100% guaranteed. I think it's correct...

Heros tip for tiling

Some tips on Hero set-ups for tiles. There's some misinformation floating around that Forsaken in the front row is god because of his...

General Eden Basics + Tips

When Eden opens at reset: each player will need to click the event then click enter. Once in Eden you're no longer an alliance (but still...

Eden Specialization Tips

For all players, you need at least 2 specialty resets: - First use a reset to go blue down to build your extra 3 assaults/guardians (4 in...

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