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Eden Dissidia Season 5

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

For this new upcoming season we will have Eden Dissidia (the same as our first Eden) but with a few new features. The major new feature is the season tech!

This new Tech tree includes many tech features that increase Might or marching speed but also many new buffs that can help you progress more quickly in Eden such as these ones that increase the number of tiles you can occupy, the number of reinforcements that your base can hold and decreasing the number of troops poisoned when taking tiles.

In order to level up these techs you will need normal RSS and rare earth materials which can be bought through packs, through the DD shop, by completing tasks on your Eden task list and every time you complete a tech!

Another new feature is the fact that a guild can have additional buffs for the whole guild such as faster teleport building time!

Here are the seasonal rewards and what the new items are:

As usual you can get 1 SX for getting the guild to level 40 and 1 SX for getting your 15k personal task points. The seasonal rewards give you between 1 and 5 SX tickets more!

The new items however are Eden Coins which can be exchanged for hero skins or extra hero reconstructed skills!

With our Gold DD coins we can buy specialty resets, red cores, war badges, healing serum and hero tickets (S1-4 selection tickets and SX tickets which are random in the pool of your choice). With our Silver DD coins we can buy temporary skins, composites, honor capsules (not really worth it unless low level DD specialty) and rare earth (great for the season tech)

This season there is also a new rule:

  • If you are attacked and zeroed, you no longer go into fallen, you get teleported randomly and you lose tiles when you are teleported

  • This essentially means that you always need a backup teleport pad or heavy reinforcements if you go into a war zone!!!

For starter tips on how to start the new season depending on your budget and how to use your DD specialty points in the best way possible in my opinion, please go back to my Eden basic tips and DD Specialization post in my previous posts!

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