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Eden Map

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Full Eden map

NOTE: I manually stitched this map together from screenshots, so accuracy is not 100% guaranteed. I think it's correct though, second time was better than first iteration

Checkpoints/Bridges range from level 1 to level 5, but all seem to only give 5 points for the guild Occupation Value. These are the little dots on the map.

Occupation values for Cities

Small Town level 1: 15 (Infection 4800 (level 12))

Small Town level 2: 20 (Infection 5200 (level 12.5))

Large Town level 3: 30 (Infection 5600 (level 13))

Large Town level 4: 50 (Infection 6000 (level 13.5))

Capital level 5: 70 (Infection 6400 (level 14))

Capital level 6: 100 (Infection 7000 (level 14.75))


Full map, all cities colour-coded by level. Should be able to help with season planning

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