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Eden: North vs South Tips

Updated: Nov 30, 2021


One of the main differences in Eden: North vs South Faction is the fact that alliances can only merge with other alliances from the same faction to form guilds. This means that if you start in the North you will only be able to merge with other guilds in the North faction.

You are competing on 2 levels:

  • Faction level competition: The best rewards will go to the guild with the highest occupation value in your faction. This means your guild wants to be the leading guild in your faction.

  • Map level: The best rewards will go to the guilds in the faction that has the highest occupation value. This is calculated by the sum of the occupation value of all the guilds that come from your faction.

Therefore if the guilds in the North have the highest occupation value all together then the North is the winning faction.

This is what the map will look like, the top half will be the North Faction and the bottom half will be the South Faction.

In the beginning the Red and Blue borders will mean that you cannot travel to the areas in the centre, however these open up allowing the guilds from both Factions to occupy areas in the centre (or neutral) zone.

New Building: Strongholds

In this new version of Eden, strongholds will be introduced. This building can be occupied by any guild, however once a guild from the North Faction has occupied it, players from other guilds in the North Faction can tile directly off of this building. This means that by working together with guilds from your Faction, you can reach new areas quicker. So ideally you want to spread out and occupy strongholds so you can spread as a Faction of united guilds.

Faction Buffs!

Besides the typical guild bonuses that you get from occupying cities, capitals and the world centre which increase your production of resources for every member of the guild, you will now also have Faction bonuses.

This means that all members originating from a certain faction receive production bonuses that are dependant on the success of the Faction as a consortium of guilds. Here is an example:

On the top you can see production bonuses that the guild members receive for occupying structures such as cities, capitals and the world centre (Yellow box). On the bottom you see the Faction production bonuses that are added to the guild bonuses dependant on how successful your faction is as a whole.

This essentially means that if your Faction is successful in occupying many structures, you will receive resources even when you do not occupy any tiles of that type.

Here is an example of a player who occupies 0 water tiles however he still produces 40'700 water every hour due to the Faction production bonuses.

Different Types of Rewards:

There are 3 types of rewards that each player will get:

  • Individual Reward: best when getting to 15'000 personal points through the tasks/quests

  • Guild Development Rewards: best when getting the guild above level 40

  • Faction Reward: For being in the winning or losing Faction

Here is a summary sheet of the rewards:

Tips for the start:

  • From the start your guild should work on getting the guild level to level 50 to open up more spaces. This is done by tiling!!!! So tile, tile and tile constantly!

  • Leaders should focus on making deals and organizing mergers between guilds!

  • You still have all your personal challenges, focus on doing as many of these every day as possible to get to level 50 of the challenge

  • Each structure still has a minimum immunity level for you to hit it so reset your specialty to full immunity and focus on "virus sample" tiles which means water, wood and food tiles.

  • Focus on guild tasks every week to maximize the number of DD coins you will receive and can use on getting hero's in your DD shop.

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