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General Eden Basics + Tips

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

When Eden opens at reset: each player will need to click the event then click enter.

  • Once in Eden you're no longer an alliance (but still will be in 819 and still have alliance chat).

  • Once you have reset your specialty (Check Eden Specialty Post) start immediately taking tiles!!! You don’t need to go in order of tiles Ex. level 1,2,3 etc. You can just take the highest tile you can.)

First one to reach 10k influence points can start a guild :)


  • The guild starts out with 100 players. So everyone will start in the same guild.

  • There is a guild master and 8 R4s just as there are in the alliance normally.

The map sections are:

East. West. South. North. Northwest. Southwest. South East. North east.

  • Each section is locked with gates and bridges. They need to be attacked to move around to different sections.


You can’t teleport in Eden without making a port pad (square of 4 tiles you own on which you build a teleport pad. When you take those 4 tiles you click port and a port pad will appear and you click build/place. Each port pad takes stone to build and takes 2 hours to build. Therefore make sure you have a lot of stone!

  • Tips for teleport pads you can only have 1 extra port pad available at any time. So once you get your base where you need for the day, build a back up port pad, also known as escape pad, somewhere far away from enemies tiles and in a hidden spot. This will allow u to port fast if you are being attacked. Since port pads take 2 hours to build you should have one ready to escape before you get attacked.

  • If you need to demolish the teleport pad just click on honour building tab and it will show your pad, click it then click abandon.


You must tile where u want to attack and have a tile touching the object to attack (such as cities, bridges or bases)

  • There is attacking days set in place just like in DD. Buildings don’t open right away for attacking. There are timers on bridges, gates, cities, capitals, and the world centre so check those timers and prepare to tile there before it opens. Each one has different point levels and depending on where it’s located they have different point or dura level.

  • These can be taken anytime during the 24 hr attacking day. So we will set times that work best for our alliance to make sure we optimize the whole day as best as we can to take as many structures as possible. Once we take a structure there will be a lock on it after we take it, until the next attacking day. These structures can be stolen which would make our guild lose points.

To attack structures: we will need flag bases: both flags with one for dura and one for destruction. We will set a time for all in the guild to join the attack and give you 2 hours at least before to build a teleport pad. Right when we start attacking set flags right in the object centre and anything in the box will be effected by flag.

  • ALWAYS USE fighters to attack as they have the highest destruction value so you get more for one hit.

  • Dura on structures is very high. Guardians in Eden are much stronger. It’s best to have the first hit done by trucks to bust the guardians then everyone else start afterwards.

  • Cities squares: you only need one square attacked to reach centre tile. When attacking starts ONLY ATTACK the centre tile the rest will turn to D2P tiles when city is taken.

Being attacked in Eden:

  • Enemies can attack you all day everyday but they must have a tile that touches your base so if you see them coming I suggest leaving Eden immediately!

  • Once they start attacking you can’t leave, you can only port to your escape pad.

  • If you become fallen (basically like zeroed): there will be a bubble that automatically goes on your base and you will have an icon above your base. You can click the icon and it will tell you what u need to come back from fallen. Or you wait until the your bubble pops and members of the guild can attack you and bring you out of fallen (this is called rescue and won’t effect you as far as losing troops)

  • There are no rss lost in Eden only troops which all go to the DD hospital. So clean enemies tiles out and away from guild bases as soon as you can!

  • If you are attacking a structure, make sure to leave one tile between you and other guild members because when they get "fallen" the 4 tiles the base was on will become property of the attacker so they can attack you immediately after.


Eden does not have a normal shield. To shield you need to click the base bonus button then scroll down to bottom. Click it and it will say build/place, click yes. It will show it takes 2 hrs to build and you will be shielded for 8hrs.

  • After you shield there will be a spinner icon that is going around your base, once this happens you can’t tile or attack. If you do it cancels the shield (which can be restarted after done attacking).

  • When you sleep simply just leave Eden. This will save your troops even if they attack your ghost base (yes that can be attacked and made fallen).

Untested tips:

*ungarrison to lose less troops in the case you are getting attacked

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