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Season X-Eden: Region - 4 factions

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Lovely sHB family! It is time for a new season and time to prepare!!!!

This season will be quite different from the past seasons. The rankings of alliances and factions is determined by merits. Merits are points that you get for kills and tasks.

If you attack:

  • When your APC breaks all your enemy APCs you gain merits

  • If your APC only breaks 1, 2, 3 or 4 enemy APCs, you lose merits

If someone attacks you:

  • If your enemy passes all your APCs, you lose merits

  • If they can't break all your APCs, you win merits

You also lose or win merits from hitting reinforced tiles. If you don't pass the reinforcements, you lose merits.

This is then reflected in your own merit score but also in your faction merit score.

This is why only the strongest bases are best for attacking enemies!!!!

Another way to gain merits is through missions, many of these missions are related to the heroes you have as shown here:

Here are some tips/cheats for the hero missions:

Desert Eagle

Fearless Legion

Heralds of Freedom


Horse gallop = DR

Environmental Samples = HR / Flash/ Crusher

Carnivore's club = Nomad/ Professional

Night Rescue = Rose Noire

Horses escape base = DR

Human Body = Scorpion

Chess = Nomad

Tavern Reunion = Brawler /DUI/Scout

Particle Storm = Starburst

MVP or videogames = Kamikaze

Desert Party = Glowblade/TP/ Undertaker

Deadly Neon = Lust

Star Vision = Fortune Teller

Exclusion Zone Samples = HR

Jungle Rescue = Huntress

Rock Concert = Countdown

Table Game = Courageous/Falcon

Special Training = Marksmen / drill master /mechanic

Opera Phantom = Wings of Liberty / Socialite

Wrestling Duel = Panther

Travelling Lockdown = HR/Flash/Crusher

Returning to Clubs = Dragon's Rage

Extreme Racing = War Boss/ Viper/ Orochi

Treasure Hunt = Scarlet Siren

Shooter Special Training = Ivanov

There are the standard quests and daily tasks for elite, just like every other season we have had, however there are also new daily missions such as these hero missions and also kill missions for your daily merit reward

When taking buildings for the first time you also receive merits alongside the standard honour points and silver DD coins.

The Map:

Multiple alliances start in the same faction together, every guild is 100 members maximum but players can pass from one guild to another within the faction. In this season, teamwork within the factions is even more important. Faction guild tiles are white, while those from other factions are purple. Once the faction gates open, each guild can enter the neutral zones to get more buildings and to attack enemy guilds. Players and guilds from other factions cannot enter your spawn area, therefore you are safe here as long as your faction works together.

The one important note is that attacking players from your own faction does not give you merits!!!


Rewards this season are separated into 3 categories:

  1. Faction reward: This goes in function of the faction with the highest Merits

  2. Guild reward: This depends on the guilds ranking within the faction you came from

  3. Personal development reward: This is simply achieving your 15k personal points through quests/tasks

The hero pools for SX Tickets for this season are the following:

In the elite challenge there are new items in their rewards for completing tasks:

  • USB keys for troop technology trees

  • Multi-batch training items

  • Purple honour capsules

Season Technology:

As in the past, we have seasonal technology again that requires rare earth which can either be bought in packs, bought in the DD shop or by processing materials

Finishing the seasonal tech gives you 2 additional Eden coins for hero skins or flex abilities


Tips for the new season:

  • Keep a backup pad in your spawn zone in case you need to escape or log off to sleep

  • Ghost Bases lose merits when attacked, so always shield or port back to the spawn area when you are offline!!!!

  • Everyone should use green right DD specialty and the 3 S1 Speed heroes or Glowblade to tile faster than others to get to targets/tiles as fast as possible

  • Only the strongest players should be used to attack enemies or reinforced tiles

  • Make sure you do as many daily tasks/quests as you can and get your season quests and seasonal tech finished for Eden tokens for skins/flex abilities

  • Tiling does not give any points, it is only useful to level up your guild for guild rewards

  • Sleep as much as you can before the new season starts hahaha

* If you have any questions, message me on discord or contact an R4

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