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X-Eden: Expansion Guide

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

In the new season of Eden named X-Eden: Expansion, we come back to the same structure as Eden Dissidia with a few minor changes.

The map looks the same as Eden Dissidia as shown here below:

The rewards are now separated slightly differently as there is a clear number 1 guild who is the guild occupying the world centre.

Here are the Top 3 reward levels for X-Eden: Expansion:

This means that there can be 1 guild who wins Rank 1 reward by taking the world centre. 2 guilds can take the rank 2 rewards as there are 4 Level 6 capitols and there can be 4 more guilds who get rank 3 rewards.

The resource production buffs from occupying different structures are similar:

This shows the importance of taking cities and capitols as these buffs accumulate to make a big difference in resource production.

A new feature is that you now receive gold and also silver DD coins when taking structures. The silver DD coins can be used in the DD shop to exchange for surprise boxes to win a skin (1% probability of a skin for each surprise box) and to purchase rare earth materials.

Combat Base

The big change in X-Eden: Expansion is the addition of a combat base. This base can be built for each player and starts at level 1. Here are the main things you need to know about the combat base:

  1. In order to build the combat base you will need blueprints which you get from completing the influence tasks

  2. Once the combat base is built you need rare earth materials to upgrade the base level. These rare earth materials can be bought through the weekly DD plan, through the DD shop with silver DD coins and are received when completing some individual tasks. Aside from these rare earth materials you also need resources which can be sent to your combat base in 2 ways; you can either send a transport with resources from your main base to your combat base or you can use resources from unopened boxes in your inventory.

  3. In the combat base you get 1 extra APC for tiling, attacking structures and fighting

  4. There are 2 new buildings in this combat base, the military depot and the transport centre. The military depot controls the limit to the amount of resources you can hold in your combat base while the transport centre determines how many resources can be transported at a time between main base and combat base. You must also transport troops from your main base to your combat base to equip your extra APC.

Combat Base Skills Trees

The combat base also has a tech tree that includes additional skills for the combat base APC. Here are a few examples of skills that you can get by upgrading the combat base and its skill trees:

These combat base skills therefore can be very useful for attacking other bases as the skills increase the strength of the APC well beyond what your main base has. This is also why many players decide to build an extra set of parts to equip the combat base with bane blade for example.

To reset these skill points you need to buy a reset in the DD store with coins, there are 2 types of resets, the advanced tactic medal and the common tactic medal. The advanced tactic medal resets all of your skill points whereas the common tactic medal only resets one specialty point. The tactic points are earned with every level of upgrade you make to your combat base.

Teleporting and using your combat base:

Just like your main base, your combat base also requires a 2x2 teleport pad to move (4 tiles in a square), therefore in this season it will be important to plan movements well ahead of time to position all bases in the right place at the right time.

Your combat base APC will leave from your combat base itself, this can be used to be present in 2 different areas for tiling or attacking purposes. This also increases your total dura by 25% as you now have the dura for 50 hits or 50 tiles every 6 hours approximately.

In the beginning your combat base will be weaker than your main and therefore should be used to tile lower level tiles, however once upgraded, the combat base can be used to attack structures and enemy bases as well. With the specialty trees you can also equip a defence APC on the combat base in case of wars.

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