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Honor for increasing specialty points during DD/Eden

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

In DD/Eden there are 4 main ways to get honor, one being tiling, two being upgrading buildings, the third way by attacking structures and lastly completing quests. Here I will go through the lessons I learned in terms of building honor and increasing your DD/Eden specialty points.


  • To get the most honor from tiling, you need to focus on hitting higher level tiles.

  • If you are taking empty resource tiles this will give you less honor than if you take enemy tiles, therefore tile wars are very beneficial for honor points. I suggest you try to find someone in an enemy alliance (or guild) with whom you can exchange higher level tiles in the last weeks to make the most tile points and honor points possible.

Upgrading Buildings:

  • Upgrading buildings gives you honor points as well as completing quests with each upgrade however there is an upgrade honor trick that can help you accumulate high levels of honor through upgrading.

  • First you must accumulate resources to upgrade your buildings. You want to start by spending a few weeks slowly accumulating composite material from harvesting your oil/iron tiles. Here are the tables for what you need to upgrade the buildings:

Composite Material Needed for Upgrading Processors
Virus Samples Needed for Immunity Facility Upgrades

Composite Material Needed for Upgrade of Fortresses (Guardian and Assault)

Once you have accumulated enough materials for multiple upgrades (or you are at the end of the season with only a few hours left), reset your specialty points to the green tree (left and then around) as shown here in the picture:

Once you have reset your specialty, you can use an extra 30 minute boost card (in base buffs tab at the bottom) if you have one and then upgrade all your buildings in that 30 minute time.

  • I suggest doing this 2-3 times per season! The first time you will only focus on maxing your processors, but at the end of the season (a few hours before it finishes) you should do this to use up all your last materials.

  • Leave your skills like this once the season is finished as you can still benefit from 10k honor points every day outside of DD/Eden by clicking skills and activating your daily honor gain skill

Honor from attacking structures:

  • In DD the most important honor is gained from destroying buildings or ACs. So the last hit on a building that destroys it gives you the most honor points.

  • In Eden the first hit gives you the most honor, here are the honor points for being the first to hit a structure in Eden:

    • Honor gain for 1st hit:

  1. All gates = 36.5k

  2. All towns = 36.5k

  3. Capital lvl5 = 42.1k

  4. Capital lvl6 = 61.5k

  5. World center = 84.2k

  6. City zone tiles = 7.2k

Honor from completing quests:

Very simply each DD or Eden season you will have a list of quests such as hit a level 8 tile or occupy 20 oil tiles. Complete as many quests as you can to accumulate extra honor and then open these when you look at your specialty bar by clicking the + sign at the top right.

*You can also gain honor from killing adjudicators and from performing special training on your tiles, however this does not help your alliance or guild make points and it uses your dura therefore I prefer not to mention it.

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